Carpets influenced by nature, ready to inspire you

natural beauty

Nature takes the flatweave texture of natural fibres such as sisal and seagrass, for a look that's incredibly organic.

Irregularities in the multi-colour yarn emphasise the effect, giving a rustic, on-trend natural look.

inside & out

The weft and warp of nature is made from a waterproof yarn with enhanced UV protection.

This makes all Nature carpets Weathersafe and perfect for bringing the indoors out, or the outdoors in.

easy &  lasting

Natural fibres are known for fussy maintenance, but with Stainsafe, Nature is easy to look after and bleach cleanable.

Made with heardwearing BCF yarns, Nature carpets bring the look of natural flooring without the hassle and are long-lasting.

from stock or woven specials

Nature can be produced in special patterns, using colours from the standard bank, from a minimum order of just 680m2. Find your inspiration here...

A LA Carte

installation & seaming

The recommended installation for Nature is by direct glue-down. Seaming Nature, as with any flatweave carpet, needs careful attention.

fitting & care

fully recyclable

With a high-grade mono-material construction, it's easier to recycle Nature carpets at the end of their useful life.

Nature is ready to bring the outdoors in...



Nature Design


Nature Rustique


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